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This book and the Language of Conscience Series are dedicated to:

  • Those who seek a civilization governed by the ethics of morality rather than the rationalization of relativity;
  • Those that recognize the belief that the nature of man should be shaped by the enlightenment of conscience rather than the promotion of convenience;
  • Those that understand that the concept of individual responsibility builds a nation’s strength of character rather than concentration on the expansion of entitlements through the concept of victimization;
  • Those who are willing to engage the political correctness of the times to help produce a culture that brings out the best in man because they recognize their obligations of conscience to each other and the benefits of compassion.
  • They recognize that great acts come from perseverance and patience in building the foundation of a stable society through maintaining its values or, at the very least, a society, which has in place a set of ideas that can compete for positive leadership in times of crisis.

    In either scenario, their actions may be unappreciated during their lifetime, but they join an international and generation-transcending “band of brothers” tied together by honor and respect for the obligation of every man to better society. They receive the wisdom of those that preceded them in life. They bestow that knowledge on the next generation, but they also must engage their peers in their era, arguing for sacrifice and the morality of conscience against the great power of convenience Their God’s glory is intelligence, which brings light and truth.

    Theirs is often a thankless and controversial task whose reward is years hence when crisis forces actions and choices. But they are the stewards of civilization, the uncommon few, who may speak different languages and develop different cultures but see life with a sense of a warrior’s honor and character that provides obligation. If they fail to keep stability and balance in society, the culture eventually deteriorates and the rise in another form is more difficult and often more suspect.

    They are the unsung heroes—not just because of what they do, but why they do it.

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