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Instilling Values in Transcending Generations:
Bringing Harmony to Cultures Through the Power of Conscience
Tieman H. Dippel Jr.
Texas Peacemaker Publications, LLC
12 Illustrations, 6 full color photos 1 black and white photo 1 scanned black and white portrait, 4 ink diagrams
400 pages
Hardcover, $23.00
ISBN: 978-0-9721608-4-1
5 stars

“This is a book not so much on morality as the power of morality,” writes Tieman H. Dippel, Jr., author of Instilling Values in Transcending Generations. This is the third book in his Language of Conscience Series, which includes The New Legacy, and The Language of Conscience, a Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Award Finalist. In The New Legacy, Dippel establishes his idea of “Enlightened Conservatism,” which states that personal responsibility is needed for success. The follow up book, In The Language of Conscience, expounds that personal responsibility also includes character. The latest addition to his oeuvre, Instilling Values in Transcending Generations, continues the idea of enlightened conservatism and asks whether future generations of the world’s cultures will interact from concepts of convenience or concepts of conscience. Dippel writes, “The core issue is getting people to understand how important the common good is to them individually and linking of the interests of the group and the individual.” He writes further, “As nations seek more democratic process, they must understand the concepts and inner-relationships that liberty is not just freedom but individual responsibility…The concept of personal dignity makes it important to understand that certain rights belong primarily to individuals. Those are the obligations of the collective group to preserve. The group’s rights are the obligation of the individual to acknowledge and support.”

Dippel has written The Language of Conscience series for America’s Westernized, capitalistic, consumer-based ideology in order to forge a mutual foundation with China’s more group and honor bound principles. Dippel hopes to build a joint infrastructure of understanding and a tolerant, symbiotic relationship that will help both countries to grow economically and ethically in the future. Dippel’s works have been translated into Chinese. He uses the teaching of the Christian Golden Rule, Confucius and Lao-Tzu to find an East-West common bond that will instill a value system, regardless of difference of opinion in the socio-political arena. Dippel writes, “There will always be divisions in some sectors of society. But for society as a whole…fundamental values transcend generations.”

“If good character is the criteria of the dignity of man, politics and economics will be positively shaped by culture and will provide the most opportunity for the greatest number…respect for one’s dignity is in large part earned on an individual level. The more realistic approaches of protocol and courtesy that in part began with Confucius’ concept of establishing and maintaining relationships through respect has waned in society.”

There is no questioning Dippel’s intentions or intelligence. Scott Bennett, former Public Affairs Editor and Director for Texas Business Magazine and nationally distributed columnist for The Dallas Morning News has said that Dippel knows that, “Conscience must be paramount for a civil society.” His knowledge of politics, military strategy, economics and world philosophies is irrefutable. His ideas are not easily accessible, but deep thought and careful consideration are necessary when studying the physical and ethical continuance of our species. Dippel quotes Sir Charles Darwin: “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”

Reviewed by Lee Gooden

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