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Foreword -- Roger Ream, President of The Fund For American Studies

The Heart of the Book without the Nutshell

Preface - The Quest for Conscience in a Global World

Introduction - From Whence Do We Come?
        Instilling Family Values
        The Development of Uncommon Men: A Case Study of
         "Jackrabbit Dippel”

Section I - What Do We Ultimately Seek for our Children?
        The Natural Human Desire to be Right and its Effect 
        on Perspective and Personal Dignity
        The Significance of Starting Trends

Section II - What Knowledge and Talent Must We Attain and Use?
        Understanding Critical Concepts for the Development
        of Personal Dignity and Individual Responsibility  

        Talents and Limits
        The Significance of Time
        The Laws of Nature
        Understanding the Power of Incentives
        Controlling Emotions of Personal Dignity
        Understanding Criticism  
        Change and Character are Destiny
        Media and Its Relation to Culture
        The Intricacies of Power
        The Importance of the Common Good
        The Language of Conscience is not the Language of Political Correctness
        Morality and Economics are in all Issues
        Significance of Starting Trends
        The Power of Growth
        The Power of Environment
        The Impact of Taxation
        Using Good for the Greater Good versus Using Good for Evil
        Differentiating between Structural Culture and Cultural Values
        The Catalyst of Crisis – Demography
        Personal Dignity versus Personal Ability
        Balancing Compassion with Obligation

Section III - What Wisdom Does History Grant Us?
        Perceiving Civilization Through History
        China and Its Future Impact as a Case Study

        Super Power and Rising Superpower: Cooperation or Cold War
        Enlightened Conservatism and The Harmonious Society
        Understanding China’s Peaceful Rise
        Ethical Values for China to Build a Harmonious Society
        Developing Leadership for a Culture of Service and Integrity
        A Discussion of the Triangles of Enlightened Conservatism
        The Importance of Dialectic Thought
        A Scientific Outlook on Development for an Overall,  
        Balanced Socioeconomic Development

Section IV - What Obligations Must We Honor and Teach?
        The Concept of Stewardship

        Developing a Common Concept
        The True Nature of Ethics and Conscience
        The Institutional Creation of Ideas  
        The Critical Communication of an Idea

Section V - How Successful Are We and How Do We Improve?  
        Measurement of Cultural Transition  
        Discipline in Society
        The Texas Peacemaker Award
        The Rule of Law
        The Enforcement of Law
        A Culture of Ethics: The Importance of a System of Measurement  
        Keeping Men Upright—Governance and Laws
        Men Being Upright—The Power of Culture
        A Case Study of the Better Business Bureaus
        The Common Good Through a Culture of Service
        Nonprofit Institutions
        Philanthropy and Foundations
        Raising Funds  
        The Use of the Website

Section VI - The Battle of Conscience over Convenience 
         is Constant, But Have We
         Created a New Paradigm in our Children?

Section VII - Creating a Composite Matrix
        The Rosetta Stone of Cultures
        Understanding the Relationships of Power and Influence
       To Drive Analysis and Focus Decisions
        Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
        Applying Rambam’s Eight Levels of Charity
        The Origin of the Triangles of Enlightened Conservatism: A  
        Method of Summary of Critical Ideas

Conclusion - As Always, How You Think Determines What You Think

Summary - Key Thoughts from the Heart

Addendum - What Relationships Must We Recognize?  
        Assembling the Knowledge Gained into a Framework for Discussion
        On Absolutism and Relativity  
        On Fear, Love, Power, and Culture
        On Critical Issues
        On the Healing of Divisions Within Societies: Our Warring States,
        The Divine Right of Kings, and the Mandate of Heaven  
        On Understanding the Power of Character
        On the Cultural Impact of Individual Life: Veritas: Non Nobis Nati Solum
        On the Nature of Man, Morality, Ethics, and Choice, Blinn College  
        Better Business Seminar, Bryan, Texas, March 2004
        On the Nature of Leadership, Speech, Texas Lyceum Association, May 3, 2003
        On the Interaction of Economics and Culture
        On the Obligations of Great Universities
        On Distinguishing Between Value and Ideologically Based Systems
        On Understanding the Systems of Cooperative Capitalism
        On the Nature of the Game: Tic Tac Toe – Checkers – Chess? Presented to
        the Texas Institute for Health Policy Research, November 5, 2004,  
        Austin, Texas
        On the Evolution of Conscience: from Morality to Religion
        On Developing a Catalyst for Global Integrity: Understanding the Importance  
        of the Constituency for Ethics and the Nature of Ethics as Power,  
        Presented to the Integrity Task Force FIDIC, September 7, 2005, Beijing,  
        On Helpful Insights to the Triangles of Enlightened Conservatism
        The Ultimate Three Areas of Measurement
        The Best Use of the Triangles
        Using the Triangles as a Catalyst
        Unity Under a Rule of Law


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