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Table of Contents




Foreword by Congressman Bill Archer


Part One       Reinventing a Culture of Service and Responsibility
Chapter 1. The Dynamics of Nonprofit Organizations
Chapter 2. The Synergy of Organizational Networks

Part Two       In Search of Perspective
Chapter 3. Management Perspective in an Internet Age
(Society for the Advancement of Management)
Chapter 4. Educational Perspective (Berea College)
Chapter 5. International Perspective (Texas Tech Masters Graduates in China)

Part Three       The Influence of History
Chapter 6. The Catalyst of Greatness (Lives Well Lived)
Chapter 7. The Texas Way (The Importance of History and Culture)
Chapter 8. A Long Road from Julius Caesar to Caesar Chavez (The Power of Ideas)
Chapter 9. The Torch is Passed (Visions of Youth)

Part Four       Creating an Environment of Conscience and Ethics
Chapter 10. Working Together as a Leveraged Catalyst

Part Five      Case Studies
Chapter 11. Texas Lyceum
(Organization for Discussion of Ideas)
(1) Original Perspective: Bridging the Rough Idea
(2) 1980 Formalized Goals and Conference Overview
(3) 1981 Chairmanís Foreword: Transition and Process
(4) 1987 Summary of Preceding Seven Years
Chapter 12. Texas Arts and Humanities
(Insights into the Value of Culture and Preparation for Governmental Appropriation)
(1) Two Bullsí Heads: Strategy. Value, and Purpose for Funding
(2) The State of the Arts in Texas in the 1970s: Marshaling Facts for
Common Understanding and Presentation
(3) Presentation to Legislative Budget Board: General Direction
Chapter 13. Speakerís Advisory Committee on Economic Development
(Overview of Analysis of New Problems)
(1) A Time for Reality: Related Prior Efforts
(2) Non Nobis Nati Solum: Presidentís Presentation to the East Texas Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 14. Texans for Quality Education
(Analysis of Existing Effort)
(1) Original Perspective: Introducing the Idea
(2) 1984 Chairmanís Foreword: Overview

Part Six      Differing Goals Require Different Strategies
Chapter 15. Caring For Children Foundation
(Corporate Sponsored Efforts)
Chapter 16. An Integrity Management System for the Consulting Industry
(A Private Sector Initiative to Prevent Corruption)
Chapter 17. The History and Efforts of the Ethics Officer Association

Conclusion by Congressman J.J. "Jake" Pickle

Appendix: Addresses of Referenced Organizations

About the Author by Scott Bennett

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