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"Young people often pose the best questions. Of a member of Congress, they frequently ask 'What if your constituents have one opinion, but your beliefs lead you to another? What then?' The answer lies in The Language of Conscience...and in Skipper Dippel's heart. Like the example of the thousands of dots thatused to appear on mall walls, Skipper helps you let your eyes and heart and intellect relax to see the true perspective until the great picture emerges. If you believe the purpose of lifes is to matter - to have made a difference that you lived at all - then you'll treasure the character values and the understanding that comes from them in this insightful book."

-U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady (TX-8)

"Skipper's concept of enlightened conservatism, focusing upon the creation of an ethical environment of character, is far more strategic than is first appreciated. The essence of character is personal responsibility. Our greatest danger is government being expanded because it is the supposed solution to 'victimhood' of all types. From his perspective you divide society not by rich versus poor, but by conscience versus convience. This cuts across present political lines of class warfare and returns the forces to traditional family values as best served by the market economy. It presents a cleavage point on the present rigid structure of politics that marks the way for a new philosphical approach that will grow with time and frustration with partisanship."

-U.S. Congressman Phil Crane (IL-8)

"I have translated parts of The Language of Conscience for use with our efforts on educating India's next generation through what has been described as the Technology of Consciousness. It is a book that not only enlightens, but also creates a vision from the perspective of character as the foundation for evolution of the world's future. It is a superb bridge between cultures since each has its internal battle between conscience and convience."

-Dr. M.S. Udayamurthy,  
Founder (People's Power Movement, India)

"The greatest need for character-based organizations is an umbrella thought that unifies perspective and is a catalyst for joint efforts. The Language of Conscience is the most strategic and powerful book I have seen to accomplish this end."

-Bill Redgate, Founder/Director,
The Center for Values Based Leadership

"Over the past 30 years, Skipper has shown a deep interest in public policy and has led as many studies of important issues for our Lone Star State's future as any Texan. His experience in conducting thses studies and advising Texas government officials has given him valuable insights into the roles of the private and public sectors, and how the two can work together. Public funds come from private pockets. Skipper understands that government money can be spent more effectively if it works to stimulate private efforts for the public good, if it is spent with focused purpose and efficiency. His case studies are invaluable in illustrating these principles. This book contains much practical wisdom and plenty of points to ponder."

-Carole Keeton Rylander,
Texas Comptroller

"Too often we, who are committed to ethics, values, and integrity, feel outnumbered. The Language of Conscience renews our spirit by providing us with ecamples from the broad-based community of leaders and scholars committed toconscience over convenience. Skipper Dippel has produced more than a book; this is the next step toward a strategic plan for reinventing a culture of service, responsibility and character."

-Edward S. Petry, PhD, Executive Director,
Ethics Officer Association

"Hispanics, through music and the arts, which are an_expression of the soul, will continue to define our rich culture. Our cultures character is defined by either conscience or convenience. Skipper, "The Texas prophet of conscience," wisely realizes that Hispanics will not allow politicians to identify who we are. The Language of Conscience eloquently articulates our values - God, family, and serving others."

-Little Joe y la Familia

"Skipper has brought together a lifetime of thought, reflection, and experience into a seminal work. He has effectively captured the essence of a global culture and the universal necessity of character is shaping a viable and progressive future in a complex environment. The Language of Conscience is a book for all times, especially this one."

-Dr. Ray Perryman

“Tieman Dippel is a 21st century Texas philosopher, a great public servant and an independent thinker whose old-fashioned values ought to be a standard for coming-of- age Americans. I recommend his two books, ‘The New Legacy’ and ‘The Language of Conscience,’ to all Texas legislators and to all Texans.”

-Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick

““Having been a judge, The Language of Conscience’s focus upon the importance of the rule of law, and how it is impacted by the integrity of law enforcement, I feel is particularly appropriate to our modern times and the choices we now must make. Its message in distinguishing the goal to be sought in setting the level of discipline within society to be personal dignity rather than just legal rights is critically important because while it requires more of law enforcement, it also gains law enforcement much greater strength and flexibility.”

-U.S. Congressman John Carter (TX-31)

The Fund For American Studies sponsors educational programs in the U.S. and overseas that teach college students about the institutions of a free society and conditions necessary for a prosperous economy. There is a tremendous need throughout the world today to promote the values of freedom and civil society, and the moral principles that form their bedrock. Business can only operate efficiently in a moral setting. Honesty, integrity, and individual responsibility ultimately determine the health of an economic system. It is not market systems that fail, but the people who operate within them. Therefore, the values of people - at core their character and their consciences - are the key

Tieman H. Dippel's book, The Language of Conscience, lays out a set of ideas and recommendations that can lead to the type of global cooperation that we need in this century. A must read for young people considering their future and anyone with an inquiring mind.

-Roger Ream, President, The Fund for American Studies

The concept of Enlightened Conservatism, when applied in an environment where the society practices the philosophy of “choice of conscience over convenience,” can lead to a society that will accomplish greatness! When I served as the Western Regional Campaign Director for President Ronald Reagan my close friend and associate Lee Atwater and I often discussed the cycles of politics and how they go in circles from negative to positive. Decisions made by Government whether made for convenience for the leadership or the convenience of the people are ultimately perceived by the people, and thus set the stage for elections and thereby the ultimate style of discipline in a society. This book makes a clear statement on morality and character and is a defining work on the power of ideas and values and how to develop that power for the common good. The ideas presented are compelling and worthy of consideration and further inquiry and debate.

-Milton M. Masson, Jr., Business Leader/Republican Political Strategist

When you read The Language of Conscience, you see the impact that John Ben Shepperd had on the concept of Enlightened Conservatism and the importance of nonprofit organizations bonding people together to serve society and to learn leadership. Having met Sheriff Tieman H. Dippel when they served together in World War II, their generational values did much to shape the ideas not only of The Language of Conscience, but also of The New Legacy which General Shepperd personally mailed to many of the libraries in Texas as a key book on Texas values. I recommend both books to anyone who embraces General Shepperd’s concept that one person can make a difference and in his fundamental belief that: Leaders are willing to pay their dues to society because they realize that:to be born free is an accident to live free is a responsibility but to die free is an obligation

-Sam J. Chase, Founder & Chairman Emeritus, The John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Forum

"Over the past twenty five years, Skipper has perceptively emphasized the critical importance of all the cultural arts and their vital relation to cultural values and, thereby, the positive advancement of civilization throughtout history, and in all cultural traditions. The Language of Conscience takes cultural values to the center of discussion, regaerding the future, and it will inevitably broaden the concept and purpose of the cultural arts. Its case studies of the arts are an illuminating "must read" for all people actively promoting the funding and advancement, both privately and publicly, of the arts. It provides a strategic plan of how the arts must be presented, encouraged and, ultimately, refined in a modern world.

-James Dick, Concert Pianist

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