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Background of the Chinese Edition

The Chinese Edition is published by the Press of the Central Party School of the Communist Party in conjunction with Tejano Publications, holder of the Chinese language rights to the Language of Conscience. On September 9th, 2004 an announcement ceremony was held in Beijing for the purpose described by the Central Party School Foreign Affairs Office.

CPS Press Release
Foreign Affairs Office of the School:

The Central Party School (CPS) publishing has pressed and published The Language of Conscience (Chinese version) written by Mr. Tieman Dippel, an American scholar. In order to promote readers?comprehension to the book, expand its social affection, promote academic exchange between Chinese and American scholars in ethics, morals and the thought culture, we plan to have a publish release seminar of the book in Beijing upon consulting with Texas Tejano Publishing, LLC of USA. Mr. Tieman Dippel and our home scholars will attend the seminar.

To understand the significance of the School a short background is important:

The Party School

The Party School of the CPC Central Committee is the highest school of leaning directly under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China charged with the task of training senior and medium-ranking Party officials.

Zeng Oinghong, member of the Standing Committee of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee and Vice-President of the Peoples'Republic of China, serves as President of the Central Party School. President Hu was formerly President of the School.

The Central Party School, with an area of one sq. km. On the west outskirts of Beijing, likes to the north of the Summer Palace, an imperial resort, and to the west of the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, a state-level high-tech industrial park known as China's "Silicon Valley". It has 1,400 faculty members; including nearly 200 professors and more than 200 associate professors. There are around 1,800 students for each semester.

The Central Party School undertakes on-job training, on a rotating basis, of leading officials serving on posts at the ministerial or provincial level and at the level immediately below. It also trains middle-aged and young officials to be promoted to senior posts, officials for the Party's theoretical and publicity work and officials of ethnic minority groups, while providing postgraduate programs. The Central Party School is also responsible for organizing, with sponsorship of the CPC Central Committee and participation of key ministerial and provincial officials, study sessions on issue of strategic importance and issues with a bearing on the overall situation of the Party and the country.

The Central Party School is keen to guiding trainees and students to study major domestic and international issues of both practical and strategic significance and educating them with the Party spirit and working style. Leaders of the CPC Central Committee and central departments and experts are invited to the Central Party School on a regular basis to speak on the domestic and international situation, the specific conditions in China and the Party's relevant policies.

The Central Party School upholds the principle of linking theory to practice and its own motto of "seeking truth from facts". Study by oneself and study of classics are the main teaching methods, which are reinforced by group discussions and seminars. Trainees are required to link theoretical studies to the overall domestic and international situation, to their work, and to efforts to promote the transformation of their world outlook.

In undertaking scientific research, the Central Party School focuses on practical and strategic issues that are vital to building socialism with Chinese characteristics. Research projects are implemented on the basis of investigations and study, and no effort is spared to make theoretical innovations in light of the specific conditions in China and the world. These are designed to serve the teaching needs of the School, the needs of the CPC Central Committee for decision-making, and the needs of China for material, political and spiritual progress under socialism.

The Central Party School is open to the world. It engages in exchanges with academic organizations outside the country in appropriate forms. Political figures and scholars from numerous countries have come for visits, speeches, and exchanges. The Central Party School sends scholars of its own abroad every year for visits or advanced studies.

Cooperation Memorandum Signing Ceremony Between CPS Publishing Department and Texas Friendship Press House Held in Beijing
Chinese Version

In the afternoon of September 9th, Cooperation Memorandum was signed between Publishing Department of China Central Party School(CPS) and Texas Friendship Press House in CPS, Beijing. The Language of Conscience (Chinese Version) releasing symposium was held at the same time. Vice Principal of CPS, Wang Wei Guang, met the guests from USA and extended his congratulation on the cooperation between the two press houses. Mr. Wang hoped the two sides seize the opportunity to cooperate more closely and make more contribution for Sino-US international Culture Communication. Li Yuan Chao as the Director of Publishing Department of CPS and Vivian Lee as the President of Texas Friendship Press House signed the memorandum on behalf of each side.

In recent years, the Publishing Department of CPS lays more press on foreign cooperation and attaches more importance on the development and import of oversea publishing resources, which has developed relationship with several oversea publishing houses on copyright trade and began to import and publish some kinds of excellent foreign social and scientific books. This cooperation between Publishing Department of China Central Party School(CPS) and Texas Friendship Press House is a new tryout for this department to board its eyes scope, extend its book category, establish the information and cooperative channels adapting to the market and international trends of publishing industry. The two sides will develop abroad cooperation in the field of book promotion, sales and copyright trade.

After the ceremony, The Language of Conscience (Chinese Version) releasing symposium was held. Author of the book, SkipperˇDippel came from USA specially to attend the releasing symposium. Experts and scholars from Central Party School, Chinese Social and Science Research Institute, State Religion Affairs Bureau communicated and had a intensive discussion on views in the book of The Language of Conscience. Scholars of China basically shared common views on conscience, sincerity, ethic of cooperation, value orientation in the book, they also fully explained related concepts and ideas of Chinese thoughts for American guests. Chief editor of publishing department, Li Xiao Bing and CEO of Omega International Group, Ted Li, along with the directors of related departments attended the ceremony and releasing symposium.

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