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"The book is attractive. Both Chinese morality and ethic tradition, and American common self-discipline under market economy system have useful experience. The book is really to the point for solving the problems occurred in our economy development."
"Although the regime is different between America and China, some points of the book could be used for reference to deal with the relationship between morality and economy to check corruption and reinforce the ability of exercising power. "
-Chief Researcher Donglin Chen
"'The Language of Conscience' written by Mr. Dippel is an economic morality work that mainly talks about the relationship between morality and economy, conscience and market. There is certain significance in it for China, which is constructing moral and ethic system that adapts to the market economy. Morality is inner-connected to market economic system. Value efficiency, distribution justice (original justice), universality of behavioral association and benefit sharing prove the inner morality of market economy, on the other hand as the outer condition of market economy (discussed from five aspects), morality is a necessary element for having market economy developed healthily and harmoniously, and examined morally. The interdependence between morality and economy decide their co-operation relationship."
-Professor Changling Yue
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