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"In politics and in life, style and perspective are important. It's hard to build consensus or promote vision in today's difficult times, so I greatly welcome a tool like The New Legacy that puts a clear focus on the future of Texas. It will draw praise from all spectrums because it does not look to party or political persuasion but instead to integrity, character, and a vision of Texas' destiny. It takes the best of the old values and blends them with a realistic, intelligent agenda for a modern world. I am personally sending a copy to every member of the Texas House of Representatives."

Gib Lewis

"A refreshing book outlining the beliefs a young man and his family hold dear-a restatement of the basic principles of ethics and morals that allowed our forefathers to make this a great county. It should be inspirational to following generations."

Russell H. Perry

"From the ideas of Stephen E Austin to the crisis brought on by the energy recession, Tieman Dippel writes about Texas with intelligence and heart. He understands a Texas future that must sift emphasis from natural resources to human resources; and calls for a politics that rises to that challenge with 'maturity, honor, and principle.’ A thought-provoking book."

Garry Mauro

"Skipper Dippel's heritage, his education and his experiences in developing the Texas Lyceum have fully qualified him to address both current and future generations of Texas. The New Legacy is also a meaningful tribute to his father, whose wisdom permeates its chapters."

Ben F. Love

"What James Michener couldn't do in a thousand pages-show us the soul and spirit of Texas-Tieman Dippel deftly achieves in 159 pages. If Dippel is right (as I think he is), we'll bounce back the old-fashioned way-with courage, determination, and character."

Bill Murchison
Dallas Morning News

"It is never a simple process to pass the "torch of leadership" from one generation to the next. As The New Legacy by Tieman Dippel so persuasively argues, the key to Texas' future greatness is locked in its past. The chapter entitled "One Father's Words" sets forth eloquently and succinctly those enduring values which made Texas great. Only if the next generation of leaders rediscovers our fundamental roots as Texans, will Texas-and America-be rescued from the swamps of modern American liberalism."

Tom Pauken

"Of all the resource materials I have read that speak to the great challenges that we face, as a state, a nation, and as a family, The New Legacy, by far, makes the single most significant contribution."

Mike Richards

"In his book, Skipper Dippel has reflected his own personality and his own sense of principles and fair play. He has demonstrated that he can always be tough and strong in defense of principle and never mean in pursuing it. He has also made evident that principles are important, that integrity, honor and courage are attributes to be sought and to be revered, but he also knows that in the pursuit of principles that you have to be fair and reasonable in the implementation of your own ideas in order to persuade people to follow the example that you set. Sheer dogma frequently is counter-productive. Principle seasoned with logic and reason is indeed a great leader, and that clearly is reflected in Skipper's book, The New Legacy."

John B. Connally

"Skipper Dippel brings a refreshing perspective to politics. His decency and commitment to fundamental values shine through in this thoughtful perspective of people and places in transition. Dippel frames the issues. It's up to all of us to benefit from his insights."

Jack M. Rains

"The New Legacy is a thoughtful and inspiring account of the risks and challenges that Texas will face as it enters the 21st Century. Mr. Dippel's vision of Texas as a frontier for growth and development in the next century is especially appealing to me, since this is in many ways similar to my own vision of the Pacific region. I hope his view eventually overcomes the petty political bickering that he describes so accurately, and which in our nation as a whole is a major stumbling block to the recovery of our economic vitality."

William E. Simon

"Like a cat watching the wrong mousehole, too many of our business, governmental and academic leaders are looking to out-of-state conglomerates and foreign investors as the salvation of the Texas economy. Skipper Dippel does all of us a favor in The New Legacy by nudging the myopics among us to consider another source of economic regeneration - the hard work, native intelligence, and gumption of our own people and their enterprises."

Jim Hightower

"The virtue of The New Legacy is not the seeking of answers, but the formulation of the fundamental questions which demand to be addressed if we are to master the challenges of our rapidly evolving society. The New Legacy provides the perspective which allows us to judge our actions and assume our responsibilities. In addition, it may well be the most compelling modern statement of enlightened conservatism and statesmanship."

Tim Richardson
Founding Editor Quorum Report

"The New Legacy is not only informative and thought provoking, but very readable. We need to be constantly reminded of the lessons of past civilizations. Skipper has explored the effects on other societies when the emphasis has shifted from increasing the pie to dividing it. It puts today's problems in perspective."

Ray and Kay Bailey Hutchison

"The New Legacy is a book that strives to put values and modern life in perspective. It is a book parents should review with their children and upon which leaders should thoughtfully reflect."

Maurice Acers

"The New Legacy’s focus on family, responsibility, dedication to goals, and self-discipline which have been portrayed are the strands of our culture which have stood the test of time in this country's history. In addition, as noted, these same character traits will be crucial in our efforts to regain energy and economic independence for the United States."

Kent Hance

"The New Legacy could well be subtitled "A Texan Looks at Texas." The New Legacy offers rare visionary intergenerational insights: your father's, your own, and those of your children. The New Legacy is a "must read" for all Texans who seek to build a state and society with a sense of ideas, values, history, and the future. It is, in short, a blueprint for Texas in the 21st century."

Steve Bartlett

"In The New Legacy the best of the old values of honor, stewardship, and responsibility are blended with the realistic perspectives of the modern world. It is must reading for all generations. The New Legacy is one of the rare books that leaves you feeling wiser and much more appreciative of life for having read it."

John Ben Shepperd

"The book is superb. It investigates some theories on economic development that apply to everyone. Skipper examines a whole new style of state government that could very well be the answer to our problems."

Hugo Berlanga

"Time and again, when Texans have begun to doubt their future, a fresh new generation of leadership has come to the fore to provide guidance and inspiration. Tieman Dippel, Jr. shows convincingly that another such generation is assuming that important role once more. His vision is based on bedrock values and tells us Texas is passing into trustworthy hands. Skipperspeak is inimitable, original and inspirational to read."

Horace W. Busby
The Busby Papers

"Skipper Dippel has written an important book that should be required reading for all those who care deeply about the future course of Texas and our role in shaping America's future. The book speaks eloquently to the essence of an America that is a mosaic of different groups and cultures uniquely bound together toward common goals."

John S. Chase, F.A.I.A.

"The New Legacy is indeed thought-provoking and, in many cases, it is not only thought-provoking but it is convincing. It continually reminds us of the lessons of the past. Skipper has a unique ability not only to understand, but also to help and try to meet the views of others. He helps you to recognize that time and changes march on and that we must adjust to the forces of a political and economic nature that brings this about. He has the ability to meet and suggest solutions to problems that continue to exist."

L. F. McCollum

"Skipper Dippel has done us all a tremendous service by redirecting our attention to the basic individual strengths and principles that have guided our state. Continuing to honor these home-grown virtues and imparting them to our children is the most basic, and most important step we can take toward a bright future for our state."

Bob Bullock

"The New Legacy serves as a reminder that the future of Texas and our nation depend upon each and every one of us."

Thomas G. Loeffler

From a stellar resume, Tieman Dippel's passion for efforts based on character of life starts with a basic human choice of whether to be a person of conscience or convience. The nature of leadership defines culture, and the future technical age can resemble the Renaissance or the Dark Ages, depending on the values our children learn.

"Skipper Dippel has the amazing capacity to re-formulate traditional ideas and values to meet the exigencies of tomorrow. In writing this book, he has given us a map to the future."

-Ann W. Richards

"Tieman H. (Skipper) Dippel, Jr. has produced a fascinating and well-conceived account of what being a Texan has meant to him...it is refreshing to find someone who is so firmly grounded in his native heritage."

-Lloyd Bentsen

"The New Legacy is a marvelous accomplishment. Skipper and I share the same vision of what Texas ought to be."

-William P. Hobby

"In The New Legacy, the best of old values of honr, stewardship, and responsibility are blended with realistic perspectives of the modern world."

-John Ben Shepperd

"My friend, Skipper Dippel, has written an important book that will be enjoyed by anyone who loves his family, God, Texas, and America..."

-Phil Gramm

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