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Former Editor of the Quorun Rport, Austin, Texas, Tim Richardson wrote the cover leaf to The New Legacy:

Tim Richardson, who has spent many years analyzing the trends and structures of Texas politics as editor of the highly regarded Austin political newsletter the Quorum Report wrote: "When I saw the acclaimed excerpts of Tieman Dippel's book, The New Legacy, I requested copies of the galley of this long anticipated work. The excerpts were excellent, but in full context the book will make an even larger contribution. To say that a book that spends a great part of its time talking about small town life and values in Texas, and then moves into diverse discussions of future changes due to international competition, political trends, and a host of other issues, could be a singularly influential book to the future of Texas, sounds trite. However, I predict that twenty-years from now that may be the observation if Texas has emerged as a state of destiny that has reached beyond the shackles of partisan politics and its present failures to maximize human potential. The author and content are significantly important, but it is the synergism of the masterful perspective of life, of responsibility, and history that blend with the vacuum that presently exists in Texas. This book is an inspiration to a sense of destiny because it gives Texans a choice between two futures.

There can be increasingly partisan politics and a muddling through, or a vision of Texas being a third coast of thought for a common good with coordinated goals.

Dippel is often listed as one of the state's most influential leaders, but his power does not lie in being what one would call 'the networker's network,' in being a fundraiser and organizer, or a key advisor to many government officials. Far more important, he is a philosophical leader of the emerging baby boom population whose demographics can overwhelm the state's political structure at will. He is a political independent who understands the importance of ideas in a state that any presidential candidate must win to have any hope of success. The New Legacy is a masterful book in that it is not a political diatribe that tries to convince, but a thoughtful book that leads to asking the right questions. It is a book that helps every individual gain critical perspective not only into themselves, but also into the areas of power such as economics, politics and media. While it is a book that should be required reading for every politician, it is more importantly a book that parents should read with their children. Dippel realizes that we get the government we elect and our level of consciousness and sense of responsibility are the real keys to our future success. I predict that this book will reach all key leaders of thought, but its real value will lie in how it is accepted and how popular it is among the population. It is one of the few recent works that I have seen that has the sense of vision, integrity and values that could hopefully inspire popular involvement in the process."

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