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ForeWordReviews.Com Review


"The fact that this book was first published in 1987, republished in 1988, and published again in 2002 attests to the worth of its contents. The philosophy of the author is just as fresh and applicable today as it was when the first copy entered the bookstores in the late 1980s.

Although Dippel has been described as one of the most powerful men in Texas, as well as, a philosophical leader of Texas' emerging conservative generation, these labels should not intimidate the reader. There's no doubt the author is brilliant, yet his humble beginnings and background forged him into a modest man who writes from the heart. He loves family, God, America, and Texas, and the purpose of this book is to inspire Texans as they meet new challenges in the future.

Since the author is so grounded in his native heritage, the book appropriately begins with a chapter about his childhood. It is rich with anecdotes; most of which concern his father who firmly believed every man had a personal responsibility to better the world in all areas. This lesson made an impact on Dippel, and Chapter I is titled, Passing the Torch. The writer did indeed take up his father's teachings, and personal responsibility is the cornerstone upon which this entire book is based.

Chapter II discusses Family Values; Chapter III is concerned with Texas in Transition from the Old West to the New West. Chapter IV addresses the Relationship and Politics within Our Society, and Chapter V concludes with Levels of Awareness in Politics. No matter what the topic, the author continues to stress the concept of enlightened conservatism - a code of behavior based on a compelling belief in personal responsibility in any venture.

This is an interesting book written for the layman who can not help but enjoy every subject, from the memories of the early Texan settlers to the more complicated machinations of government."


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